Favorite Horses

Faldegardens del Piero

“Monty” is Ashley’s main competition horse. She is competitively showing him at 3rd level and has plans to bring him out at 4th level in the fall. His progress is a proud accomplishment for Ashley, as Monty began his show career as a hunter/jumper. After suffering a bad hind suspensory, Monty came to Ashley with a bad attitude and no work ethic. She patiently spent 2 years turning him into a horse with a big heart and a huge desire to please. Ashley will be applying for USDF scholarships and sponsors in order to continue her and Monty’s journey together.

Al Forno

“Remy” was given to Ashley as a talented yet troubled horse. Despite his past in Grand Prix dressage, Remy came to her sporting many mental and physical difficulties. In just a year, Ashley has transformed this horse both mentally and physically. She is currently showing Remy at Prix St. George and has no doubt that he will once again be competitive at the Grand Prix level.   


This talented young mare belongs to a client of Ashley’s and shows great potential for the future. Fonteyn is hot and sensitive, and is an incredible mover with a great temperament. Ashley delights in the mare’s overwhelming talent and has very high hopes for their future together.


“Ace” is proof that upper level dressage talent can be found in any horse. This little Arabian holds a very special place in Ashley’s heart, and she is extremely excited about what the future may hold. Ace is the complete package; he has an extreme amount of potential and a wonderful, sweet personality. Ashley’s main objective as a competitive pair is the Arabian National Championships. After an impressive performance at their first show, in which they received scores in the 70’s and beat 19 of their Warmblood competitors, this goal is very much within reach.