About Ashley

Ashley is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, and is currently working on obtaining her Gold Medal. At the center of her future goals lies Ashley’s strong mission statement and main objective: as every horse is different, Ashley adapts her methods to be as effective as possible while maintaining kind and gentle instruction.

Ashley’s knowledge and excellence as a trainer belie her age. Her involvement in the horse world began early on, featuring competition in the hunter/jumper ring and a dedicated involvement in the United States Pony Club. At the age of 13, Ashley met an equine partner that forever changed her goals as a rider and trainer: a half-wild, 2-year-old thoroughbred mare, as hot and sensitive as they come. Through patience and understanding, the mare that no one but Ashley could catch became Ashley’s first project. The duo quickly discovered that conventional methods would not work. This challenge became the building block for the fundamentals on which Ashley would base the rest of her career. Her strong emphasis on horsemanship and dedication to conform her teaching to each horse’s individual needs creates a harmony that sets her students apart from others. Ashley understands that to be successful, she must find a way to work with each horse on a personal level, and that training cannot be forced.

Ashley’s love of dressage can also be attributed to that wild 2-year-old mare. The pair attempted several, half-successful combined tests. Ashley’s equine partner boasted a love of jumping that included a final jump out of the dressage arena. After these incidents, Ashley decided to focus on dressage and found herself unable to look back.

From her difficult yet highly educational beginnings, Ashley went on to study at the University of Findlay where she received degrees in Equine Science and Equine Business Management. During her time at Findlay, Ashley was very active in the Intercollegiate Dressage Association. She ended her participation on the highest note possible by winning the National Championships at her level during her senior year.

After receiving her degrees, Ashley went on to work for Olympic-caliber rider, Jennifer Baumert. Here, she focused on absorbing all of the knowledge she could and continued to refine her idea of what dressage was. Ashley’s dedication paid off when she worked her way up to the position of Assistant Trainer. After 4 years under this title, she decided to start her own business. Ashley viewed this new adventure as a continuation of her learning and worked to define the meaning of the word “trainer.” She went on to study under the guidance of accomplished horsemen JJ Tate and Ilse Schwarz, using her newfound knowledge to better herself as a rider and trainer.